settlements & verdicts

Since the Firm opened on January 1, 2017, the Firm has recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. The foregoing list of cases represent a small fraction of the cases we have handled to-date. The foregoing outcomes are based on the facts and circumstances pertaining to each case. Accordingly, no guarantee, prediction or warranty is being made herein as to any potential or actual legal claim you may choose to assert in the future. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome, as every matter is dependent on its own merits.

$4.75 Million - (April 2020) - Misclassification of Store Managers as Exempt - Lumber Liquidators

We’re pleased to report we settled a CA-state class action for $4.75M. The settlement involved 138 class members in California who worked as store-level managers at Lumber Liquidators. In granting final approval, the court found that the "settlement provides significant value to the settlement class members." This settlement represents one of the highest average per class member recovery in California -- as each individual received, on average, approximately $22,000. As a result, Lumber Liquidators reclassified all Store Managers and Store Managers in Training in California. Justin R. Marino and J.R. Stevenson handled the matter for the Firm.

$600,000 (February 2020) - Off-the-clock work for call center employees

We recovered $600,000 on behalf of call center employees, who spent several minutes logging into their computer in order to clock-in in the morning and at lunch. Effectively, the employer required the employees to open every other program on their computers, with the last program enabling them to clock-in. While the total liability only resulted in a few minutes per day per employee, the total settlement amounted to $600,000 after accounting for the number of employees affected by this improper employment practice. Justin R. Marino and J.R. Stevenson handled the matter for the Firm.

$200,000 (February 2020) - Unpaid Bonus/Quantum Meruit - Salesman

Our client was a long-term employee in sales for a national company. He was involved in an investigation as to improper self-dealing by his colleagues, but found by the Company not to have been involved or otherwise acted inappropriately. As a result, our client was allowed to return to work (when other employees were terminated). After a year, our client was abruptly terminated, with the Company citing the same investigation that they concluded one year prior. At the time of the termination, our client has significant commissions in the pipeline that were concluded, as well as other commissions that were in the process of concluding. The Company sought terminate our client without any compensation for his work. After a detailed investigation and constant back and forth between the Company and our firm, we were able to recover $200,000 on behalf of our client. Justin R. Marino and J.R. Stevenson handled the matter for the Firm.

$250,000 (January 2020) - Gender Discrimination - Retail Employee

Our female client, who earned roughly $40,000 per year and worked for the employer for about 6 months was terminated for voicing her recommendations as to ways to improve the business/sales. The employer ordered her to remain silent, not based on the substance of her opinion, but based on her gender (which automatically disqualified her from speaking -- from his perspective). Justin R. Marino and J.R. Stevenson handled the matter for the Firm.

$300,000 (December 2019) - Supervisor sending explicit sexual images to female employee

We recovered $300,000 for age-based discrimination and sexual harassment in a case where the supervisor sent explicit sexual emails to our client. Ultimately, our client was terminated for "performance" and replaced with a younger employee. In the end, we fought tooth and nail with Defendant's counsel to reach an amicable resolution on behalf of our client. Justin R. Marino and J.R. Stevenson handled the matter for the Firm.

$2.116 Million (January 2019) - Severance/Deferred Compensation for Executive at a Financial Institution

In the me too era, Defendant, a financial institution, sought to terminate a long-term executive based on his consensual relationship with a colleague (who did not report to him). The Defendant viewed their relationship as improper (based on his executive status and her lower-level status). As a result, Defendant abruptly terminated our client, which would result in loss of his deferred compensation, significant upcoming bonus, and options. We fought back, challenged their decision, and ultimately recovered virtually everything he was originally owed. Justin R. Marino handled the matter for the Firm.

$500,000 (May 2018) - Sexual Harassment/Hostile Work Environment - Office Manager

Our client initially had a consensual relationship with her superior. Ultimately, she ended the relationship, but her superior was relentless in his efforts to continue the relationship. The supervisor ultimately refused to award our client the previously-agreed upon increase in compensation as a result of her refusals. On the eve of commencing an action, with the complaint in hand, we were able to strike an amicable resolution on behalf of our client. Our client literally praised us, noting that we changed her life with this recovery. She has now moved on to bigger and better pastures. Justin R. Marino and J.R. Stevenson handled the matter for the Firm.